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Carburetors, Mixers, Fuel Pumps and fuel delivery Discussion about misc. carbs, mixers, fuel pumps, injectors.

Carburetors, Mixers, Fuel Pumps and fuel delivery

10 HP Cast Iron Briggs Model 243432 based generator-How to Run on Gasoline Vapor?

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Old 11-17-2016, 01:21:56 PM
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Default 10 HP Cast Iron Briggs Model 243432 based generator-How to Run on Gasoline Vapor?


I have a Dayton 3Kw single phase generator that is powered by a 10 HP Briggs cast iron engine model #243432. The generator runs at 1800 RPM and was made back in 1979-1983. I was told the generator was new and was used at an old AT&T remote communication installation. The generator was still mounted on the shipping pallet that it was delivered with, and the engine oil was crystal clear. I recently rebuilt the carb(updraft style) since it was getting a bit funky on me when I recently used it during hurricane matthew. One thing I have noticed is that the exhaust really stinks on this thing. I have adjusted the carb correctly according to the generator manufacturer information and Youtube videos on the updraft carbs that I have seen. I have been interested in attempting to run this thing on gasoline vapors.

There are GEET designs out there which I have researched quite a bit. I don't see any logic about the magnetic field etc that supposedly "cracks" the fuel by creating plasma....but that's another story. The way I see it is that simply heating and vaporizing the fuel is what is doing the heavy lifting in this design. I am contemplating using exhaust heat via a stainless steel heat pipe to totally vaporize gasoline in a small volume chamber(1-2 ounce liquid volume). The question that I have is how to meter these gasoline vapors correctly into the engine so that it will have a nice consistent engine speed?

My design goals:

Limited volume of gasoline vapor created(safety)

Process separation between exhaust gasses and liquid fuel/fuel vapors(safety)

Start up on liquid gasoline and switch to vapors when up to temp(ease of use)

Simple control setup-speed controlled by existing throttle butterfly(ease of use)

Potential to use other fuels such as diesel to run the engine(flex fuel)

Ability of the gaseous fuel delivery system to respond quickly to engine load changes

There are other design goals I am forgetting about at the moment I am contemplating using a negative pressure propane regulator to help control the gasoline vapor injection. Wonder what the chemical compatibility of the
elastomers used in the regulator is and how well it would work for gasoline vapors? In my mind this would be a very elegant solution-add the small venturi adapter to the existing carburetor, hook it up to the propane regulator, pipe the gasoline fumes(low pressure) to the regulator, adjust the regulator accordingly and let the regulator meter the gasoline vapor injection according to engine speed. I see that this would allow a consistent gaseous fuel density delivered to the engine which would assist in getting a nice clean burn of the fuel. Curious to any thoughts you all have especially since I'm sure there is quite a bit of experience on this Forum using propane setups.
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Old 11-24-2016, 12:49:38 PM
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Default Re: 10 HP Cast Iron Briggs Model 243432 based generator-How to Run on Gasoline Vapor?

To gain efficiency, atomizing the gasoline as much as possible is important. Thus fuel injection which sprays fuel at high pressure is much more efficient that dragging liquid fuel out in the air stream(carburetor). Gasoline is a liquid at atmospheric conditions. Yes, you can accelerate the evaporation of the volatile portions with heat, but there will always be a remnant. Don't forget too that "lean" mixtures run hot and can be detrimental to engines. If you hate gasoline maybe swap to a fuel that is gaseous like LP at atmospheric conditions. You got my curiosity up, but after looking at the operation of this "GEET" system it looks like scam material to me, at least in the current state. There's no such thing as perpetual motion. Maybe someone else can help. I'ts interesting to a point but I'm skeptical. My "hair-brained" idea has always been trying to find a way to split the hydrogen off a water molecule efficiently at the point of use. If I had time which I don't I would work on it. I'm sure there are 1000's of other people doing it anyway. Filling your tank up with water would nice. Haha. Good luck.
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