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Antique Engine Archives All archived posts from 1999 to 2004 when SmokStak was on EnginAds. This is a read-only board.

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Westinghouse Light Plant Information Needed

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Old 12-09-2002, 06:23:50 PM
Dave N
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Default Westinghouse Light Plant Information Needed

Hello All.I just got my first light plant.It is a Westinghouse Tpye E model 63 s/n4453046.I was wondering what year it was made and also any venders for parts.Also what is a plant like it worth in running order?Thanks in advance.Dave
Old 12-10-2002, 09:28:30 AM
Gus Simms
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Default Re: Westinghouse Light Plant information needed

Dave, your plant was more than likely made somewhere in the range of the late teens to early thirties. I don't know of any date lists for them. I have a 1923 ad showing the model E. As to parts, you'll have to find another one and butcher it, or end up trying to get them both going. I really don't like to try to price things, too many variables. I've paid way too much for some things and way too little for others. I paid $200 for my E-30 in running condition, but not real pretty outwardly. They are not real common. Seems are were a few numbers in the E series, which seem to indicate variations in voltage and output. So far I've found mention of models E-30, 31, 60, 63, 83, 86 & 88.The only specs I can put together are: E30-32V/750W DC, E60 32V/1500W DC, E63-110V/1500W DC, E83-110V/2000W DC. The model E88 shows a magneto, while I believe the others are coil ignition, my E30 has a coil. The 750W is listed as 1 1/2 HP and the larger output models as 3 to 3 1/2HP.
Old 12-10-2002, 12:38:56 PM
Don C. Wiley
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Default Re: Westinghouse Light Plant information needed

Hi Gus and Dave;

I have two of the of those "things" and the cam gear on both crankshafts have teeth missing. One doesn't have enough teeth to turn the cam and the other has 1-1/2 teeth missing and it only allows the cam to "miss" one tooth every revolution. The valves would be in time every now and then.

I would like to get a good crankshaft if that is possible. Mine is a Model-E30.

By the way Gus, I finally went down to the woods and crawled into the dumpster and found the cover for the camshaft. It was in pretty bad shape but it gives me something to work from. I haven't yet figured out how the timer was supposed to work. Maybe too much of it is gone. The pot metal pieces are falling apart on me but I think I can fabricate them out of sheet aluminum, if I just knew how it worked.

Have you ever had yours apart? It looks to me like that cover holds the end play out of the camshaft as well as works as a timer.

I kind of set this project aside to work on more interesting or urgent (easier) restorations.

If any of you out there have a Model-E30 Westinghouse for parts and the crankshaft and timer end cover is useable and would like to sell or trade let me know.


"DELCO DON" Southern Illinois
Old 12-10-2002, 07:17:41 PM
Dave N
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Default Re: Westinghouse Light Plant information needed

Thanks Gus and Don.This engine was given to me for helping a friend move a machine shop.I don`t know much about them,but it appears complete except for the cover over the points on the side of the engine.If you could post a picture of what that cover looks like i might be able to go back to where we got it and look.Thanks agian.Dave
Old 12-15-2002, 01:22:14 PM
Don C. Wiley
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Default Re: Westinghouse Light Plant information needed


Thanks to "Generator Gus" here is a picture of the cover you need. It's a timer you can set for up to about 10 hours. According to the opperating manual you would set the timer and when the time ran out it would short the points and shut the plant off.

I got a Westinghouse type E Model-30 at an auction for $12.00. The whole thing had been torn down and in boxes. I got it home and put it back together just to keep it in one place. One box had some parts from a old Briggs and Stratton or something, and that cover, which I thought was the cover from a old furnace control was in with the other "stuff". I didn't have the information yet from Gus, so I throw it in a dumpster my brother-in-law keeps for scrap iron. After I get the literature from Gus I said: "Fizzle rats" or something like that, I just throw my piece away.

A month or so later I crawled down in the dumpster and found the cover and tried to clean it up and figure out how the darn thing worked, well the most of it is made out of pot metal and it started to come all apart on me. I think I can fabricate most of the pieces out of sheet aluminum and reconstruct it if knew how it worked.

I haven't yet figured out how the "thing" works. There is a brass ring gear inside with a couple of other small gears that run around inside the ring gear kind of like a planetary gear.

If you find a spare one let me know, or if you find one that is in working order let me know so I will have something to go by to reproduce the "inards".

Good luck on finding that cover!

"DELCO DON" Southern Illinois

Old 12-16-2002, 09:44:22 AM
Steve Wright
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Default Re: Westinghouse Light Plant information needed

I had one of those Westinghouse units years ago. It was the first light plant I ever had. I never got much done with it except get it unstuck. A few years later I put a bunch of extra stuff on an auction and sold it. It actually had some extra parts including one of those timers. Thats been almost 20 years but sometimes you can go back thru the auctioneers records and find who bought it. That fellow may have it still setting around collecting dust. However he paid $100 for it so it probably got restored. I should try to track it down anyway. I never got back at collecting generators, again, till just a couple years ago. Wish I had it now. One sold on eBay a month or so ago, I will try to see where that one went. Steve


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