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Wisconsin Engines Single cylinder up to V4 engines.

Wisconsin Engines

Wisconsin 1 cylinder help needed, quick....!

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Old 04-11-2005, 10:26:32 PM
KidDynamo KidDynamo is offline
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Default Wisconsin 1 cylinder help needed, quick....!

I have charge of an unknown older Wisconsin one lunger. The job of this Wisconsin is to power a 2 stage, 4 cylinder air compressor which is to provide starting air for a newly refurbished 3 cylinder 1930 Atlas marine engine- quite a piece!

The Wisconsin had a bad magneto which was dismounted and repaired without prior knowlege of replacement procedures. I have several Wisconsin engine manuals to consult, but each differs from "my" engine, so I'm pretty sure it is neither an ACN, BKN, or S-7.

The AKN book refers to a timing plug beneath the air shroud which allows for aligning timing marks of the mag gear and the cam gear but my engine doesn't appear to have this arrangement.

It does have what appears to be an inspection plug on outer side of the casting that surrounds the magneto drive gear. In other words, if you pull this plug and look in, you look directly at the side of the mag gear and don't seee much else. Certainly, you're seeing just the tops of the mag gear teeth, actually, and certainly no other gear is visible.

A web search turns up some notion of a similar sounding "timing mark hole" and says that this is where an "x" on the mag gear is observed in this hole. Not much to go on.

Can anyone fill in the blanks for me?? There is no i.d. plate on this Wisconsin and it has long ago been shorn of any markings. As you stand at the starting pulley, the gas tank is on the engine side to your left and the carb is on the engine side to your right. This is just the opposite of the pictures of the ACN and BKN engines in my manual, if that helps with the i.d. They look to be smaller than "mine", too.

I appreciate your help, as always. I need this running soon.....Thanks.......
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Old 04-12-2005, 04:05:19 AM
Meco3hp's Avatar
Meco3hp Meco3hp is offline
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Default Re: Wisconsin 1 cylinder help needed, quick....!

Could you post a few pictures of this engine? Does the carb have a round tag attatched to it? Get the letters/numbers off of that tag. What is the the model number on the tag thats on the mag? I've got a good Fairbanks Morse manual that has a very extensive cross referance for what mag went to what engines. I've worked on quite a few Wisconsin, so if we can id this engine I feel we can get it working good.

Let me know.
Richard Jensen
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Old 04-12-2005, 10:40:31 AM
Elden DuRand's Avatar
Elden DuRand Elden DuRand is offline
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Default Re: Wisconsin 1 cylinder help needed, quick....!

I think I'd just time it by the thumb and wire method.

First thing to do is remove the spark plug and put your thumb over the hole. Now, turn the engine 'til you feel compression. If you can't see the top of the piston through the spark plug hole, stick a relatively limber wire into the hole and use it to indicate when the piston is at top dead center.

You may not have to find the top of the actual compression stroke. If the mag turns at crankshaft speed (most of them do), it will fire at TDC on every revolution.

If the magneto is impulse, ground the plug wire to the mag base. put a rag around the gear and slowly turn the mag 'til it snaps, not letting the gear move any farther.

Now, carefully engage the gears and finger tighten the bolts.

Turn the engine in the correct direction until the piston is again at TDC. If the mag snaps (spark) right at or very close to TDC, it's probably timed right. Tighten the bolts, put in the plug and give it a shot.

The worst that can happen is one of the following:

- The engine won't run at all - go through the procedure again.....either something slipped or there is something else wrong with the engine.

- The engine runs sluggishly, probably snorting fire out of the exhaust. This means that the timing is too slow - loosen the mag and carefully disengage the gears. Turn the engine backwards 'til the next tooth lines up and re-install the mag.

- The engine jerks the starter rope out of your hand. This means that the timing is too fast - loosen the mag and carefully disengage the gears. Turn the engine forwards 'til the next tooth lines up and re-install the mag.

If all else fails, get the manual.

Take care - Elden
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Old 04-12-2005, 12:36:20 PM
Chuck Parcher (Ks.) Chuck Parcher (Ks.) is offline
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Default Re: Wisconsin 1 cylinder help needed, quick....!

This might seem like a long way around the barn. Eldons wire idea in the spark plug hole will work, but with the way my Wisconsin's , and I think yours the spark plug hole is over the valves, or real close to them...What I always do with these engines will take about 5-10 mins. longer but it sure is a lot easier to see. I take the head all the way off. (6 bolts) with both valves closed and the piston up to TDC. BACK the piston down into the cylinder by turning the flywheel backwards. at between 11/2 and 2 inches below the top of the cylinder STOP (this is just a starting point). unless your mag is already off, take it all the way off. (1 bolt top, one nut bottom) wind the gear on the mag clockwise until it starts getting hard to turn (where you can feel the impulse spring starting to wind) where you can release the gear, and be at the place where you know the tension on the impluse spring is going to start winding.(you can feel it.) Slide you mag onto the stud. just hold it in place with you hand. Turn the flywheel clockwise bringing the piston back up to the top. When you hear, and feel the Impulse snap, the piston should just barly come across TDC. If it's before, repeat the process but don't back the piston down as far. If it's after TDC more than just a hair. take it back down a little further. Replace the nut, and bolt and your done. This all sounds like a lot of work, but it's not. In 5 to 10 mins. you'll have that engine timing DEAD NUTTS ON. depending how fast you work...... The next time will be faster. Anyway that's how I do Wisconsin engines. Now I'm waiting to be told how this is just impossiible, and can't work..............
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Old 04-12-2005, 12:41:28 PM
Neill Neill is offline
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Default Re: Wisconsin 1 cylinder help needed, quick....!

what i would do is pull the plug out that is near the mag gear. Then find out where the piston shold be for you particular engine for timing purposes. I know on my 2 cylinder engine there was an "x" on the flywheel that i had to line up with a mark on the air shroud. What you do next is pull the magneto off and turn it untill you can see an "x" on one of the gear teeth, then put the magneto back in place whith the "x" so that you can see that it is centered in the hole where the plug was. That should be all you have to do (replace the plug of course). Let me know if this works for you.
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Old 04-12-2005, 05:29:46 PM
KidDynamo KidDynamo is offline
Join Date: Nov 2004
Location: Seattle, Washington, USA
Posts: 1,843
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Default Re: Wisconsin 1 cylinder is now running !!!

The Wisconsin is now a one pull starting machine ! I followed all of the advice, essentially.

I removed the fan screen which exposed the fin marked DC and the hash mark on the shroud. This allowed me to position the engine at TDC on compression stroke. I then turned the magneto until resistance from the impulse was just felt and inserted the magneto into position. Then, looking in the inspection hole, I beheld the tooth marked with an "x" was centered in the inspection hole, just as it was supposed to be. Then, after securing the magneto, one pull of the rope (on choke) and the engine started!!

Thanks to good advice, the engine appears to be timed just right and is running and starting fine!! Thanks for all the great help. Ain't this just the place to find old engine advice! Hope you get a little charge out of "my" success- it sure made my day as it did the owner of the Atlas !! Muchos gracias !!!!
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