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Fuels and Alternative Fuels Materials or substances that can be used as a fuel, waste oils, vegetable oils or animal fats, which can be used alone, or blended with fossil fuels.

Fuels and Alternative Fuels

Automakers warn new ethanol mandate could damage vehicles

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Old 05-10-2013, 09:03:08 PM
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Default Re: Automakers warn new ethanol mandate could damage vehicles

On the farm gas barrel we add cen-pe-co additive oil each time its filled. Never had any wear issues on the old stuff and my old truck before the one now had 330K miles on it before it was time to haul it in (1977 Dodge d 150 w/318). Bought it in '85 wrecked w/40k on it and drove it till '98 My 98 Dodge has 220K now and runs great and only needs 1/2 quart oil every 2000 miles. My uncle uses Marvel and has the same results, the two products are very similar.
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Old 05-12-2013, 12:53:41 AM
Alastair Geddes. Alastair Geddes. is offline
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Default Re: Automakers warn new ethanol mandate could damage vehicles

Does anyone know how much fuel/ oil is in reserves? say just your countries reserves? does anyone know how long that will last at current world consumption rate? country consumption rate?
Some of the Oil field engines that are posted on this site must have come from decomissioned wells or did they repower them with other engines? How many wells are now empty?
What would you do if you went to the pump and there was no fuel?
The world has spent considerable resources developing uses for fuel from lawn mowers to cars/ trucks / buses just look at how far tractors have come since say 1908 around the time when demand was just starting for the product.Demand now is strong in developed countries and growing in others like china / asia/ india as they industrialise what is going to be the next fuel source.Are biofuels a transition? to something new.
100 percent alcohol is used in race engines for circuit racing over here with no ill effects so any blend as long as car is tuned for it should be made to work by the car manufacturers by changing car engine components if need be, possibly the mandate imposed is a "suggestion" to the companies to do something along those lines.Possibly the country is importing oil as its own reserves are depleted and the government wants to balance out the supply side a bit.Who are the people who know what is happening with the reserves? would be good if they spoke up about the situation so everyone is not in the dark and or mad about it.
Will everyone be making there own "moonshine" to put in there cars cars from whatever they can ferment at home will be a years in come.
More importantly will there be conflict over supply or has that already started to happen... who gets oil who doesn't and for how long do they get it at what price.
Thats a big can of worms..... hopefully it hasn't come to that and won't come to that.
What are the options throw away 100 odd years of development / thinking on the motorcar and supporting industries and start from scratch? retrain everyone again. nuclear powered steam cars anyone? Selling attributes quite powerful but with added option of glow in the dark in the event of crashes....die slowly from steam burns and a dose of radiation poisoning on the side.
There must be better ways look to imagination / movies plug in a new power cell anyone? just how do we do it is the question that requires a solution that wont hurt the people or the planet.
For car manufactures to "fix" cars so they can run up to 100 percent ethanol/methanol is just a little item in the scheme of things to be done.
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Old 05-18-2013, 08:53:13 PM
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Default Re: Automakers warn new ethanol mandate could damage vehicles

" nuclear powered steam cars anyone"

In a perfect non terrorist world a great idea.
Terrorist will cut them open and make dirty bombs.

Oil is not going to run out.
How do you like buying Obamagas?
His energy secretary wanted the price of US gas to reach the levels of Europe to discourage consumption and make green energy seem cheaper. Everything opur government does drives up the price at the pump. The wars for oil in ME, just made it go higher.

USA oil production is way higher than predicted and USA will in a few years have no need to be importing oil. I read the ND oil fields have grown in reserves estimation by 300% plus and the author stated it was a conservative number.
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Old 06-15-2013, 03:15:20 PM
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Default Re: Automakers warn new ethanol mandate could damage vehicles

I would love to have a nuclear powered steam car, but as you noted, someone out there would make a weapon out of it like they do with everything else.

Oil will run out eventually...... the question is WHEN.

Never heard of 'Obamagas' Sounds like nothing more than a new catchphrase for stirring up more trouble.

As for someone's pipe dream in Washington of making our gas prices as high as in Europe to make 'green energy' seem cheaper in comparison .......... Even with the most recent temporary spike in prices (and then dropping again), after 5 years with Obama in office, it still hasn't reached the level it did under Bush in September 2008, (though it did tie the July 2008 prices), so that, so far, is still nothing more than someone's pipe dream to have it reach European prices.

I wish I had seen Alastair's comment sooner..... I would have hit the Thanks button on that one. LOTS of good points in it.
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