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Trucks, Trailers and Hauling for Shows

Diesels in 45 states ONLY !

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Old 09-02-2007, 08:36:39 PM
Douglas Douglas is offline
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Default Re: Diesels in 45 states ONLY !

My wife always took hours to get home when she drove my old Firefly ( deliverd good gas milage but was not a particularly good car ). Turned out she couldn't get started up a hill so would loop all around town to avoid stop lights and hills. She also burned the clutch.

A little off topic but I see a fari amount of Toyota Land Crusiers here. The pick up version with a diesel. Toyota dealers don't sell them, they are general imported by for off road use and some find there way "on road". Best truck I ever drove bar non, can you import these into the US from Canada or Eroupe ( the way most get here to be converted to off road comercial use )?

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Old 09-18-2007, 11:28:25 PM
oilburnermike oilburnermike is offline
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Default Re: Diesels in 45 states ONLY !

The old 6.2L and 6.5L turbos are not that bad if you drive them like they were ment to be used and know properly take care of them. My old 97 GMC Suburban has its original 6.5L turbo in it, 197K on the clock, on its 2nd injector pump, litttle to no blow by either. Main issue with these is to stay on top of certain issues that can kill them. First is a poorly designed vibration damper than can have its inner and outer rings seperate, this causes the crank shaft to snap. Second is GM's use of a poor fuel/water filter unit. It allows way to much crap into the injector pump, I run a racor unit that filters down to 1 micron. On the 6.5L you need to get the PMD, electronic part that is factory mounted on the IP. Needs to be mounted on a heat sink to keep it cool. My old burb will get in the high teens in town and in the mid 20's on the highway if I am not towing. Parts are easy to find and unlike new diesels, you can still see the motor when you look under the hood. Each brand has thier issues, 12v cummins have the killer dowel pin that has to be taken care of, 24v have lift pump issues that can kill the main IP. Ford 7.3L non PSD have cavitation issues if the coolant isnt maintained, and some early PSD's did as well, I know I used to have one. I would love to have a new small diesel pickup, but not with all the crap the goverment mandates on them now. I am going to pick up an old diesel ford ranger and restore it. My friend just picked up a factory diesel chevy S10. Body is shot but he is going to transplant the motor and drive train into a donor body. The old diesel vw's are hard to beat for a simple, easy to work on diesel. You can now legaly import older Land Rover diesels into the USA. They are beyond simple to work on. With the internet, even a Euro diesel is fairly easy to get parts for now. One day this county will get its head out of its behind, but not till the politicans and big oil get out the same bed. Cheers Mike
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Old 09-19-2007, 11:37:46 PM
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Default Re: Diesels in 45 states ONLY !

Originally Posted by Douglas View Post
A little off topic but I see a fair amount of Toyota Land Cruisers here. The pick up version with a diesel. Toyota dealers don't sell them, they are general imported by for off road use and some find there way "on road". Best truck I ever drove bar non, can you import these into the US from Canada or Europe (the way most get here to be converted to off road commercial use)?

Those are probably HZJ-75 mine trucks that have found their way onto the road via a VIN number swap. Only three were ever sold legally in Canada and none ever in the USA. The 1HZ engine in them is absolutely bullet-proof and very quiet and smooth. Last Toyota diesel pickup in the USA was in 1985. Canada in 1987. You might have seen some Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) Toyotas. We get all kinds of weird and wonderful JDM diesel stuff like Delica vans, Hiace vans HDJ81 Landcruisers etc. because we can import 15 years or older vehicles from overseas, whereas the US only allows 25 years or old. Canada will change to 25 years also within the next 6 - 12 mos. at the behest of you know who.

For those stateside who want a Japanese diesel, you either buy one of the few 87 or earlier Landcruisers or pickups out of Canada, or get an engine out of Japan and do the swap.

I'll go propane before I buy one of those Detroit rattle-traps. Too bad, because I'd like to buy NA made, but the stock market sets the agenda here, and the agenda is max profits this quarter and to hell with everything else.
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Old 09-22-2007, 03:38:12 AM
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Default Re: Diesels in 45 states ONLY !

We haven't had a gasoline-engined vehicle for nearly 20 years now, that was a GM/Vauxhall 2 litre estate.

Since then we have had all diesel vans, the latest new one (Renault Trafic) arrives on Tuesday, 3 months lead time from the factory here in the UK, 6 months if you buy the GM/Vauxhall version.

They make four versions in the Luton factory, Renault for the UK market, Opel for GM in Europe, Vauxhall for the UK market and Nissan for the UK market.

2.5 litre 150bhp 6-speed manual gearbox 2.9 ton gross vehicle weight and 4.9 ton gross combination weight with trailer.

We already have one of the previous model with 140hp engine, that has covered 135,000 miles in 3 years and we are keeping that, but selling one of the smaller car-derived vans (we've bought that ourselves for a home runabout)

Towing at maximum weight we can get 25mpg or more if we are careful, up to 35mpg empty or lightly loaded.

110mph on the flat and will match most cars on performance.

$34,000 including air con, power steering, decent CD stereo, metallic paint, tachograph (that adds $1600.00 on its own) tinted glass, foglights, factory fitted towbar.

Takes 8' X 4' sheets of wood or metal in the back with room to spare, deck is 9ft between the cab bulkhead and the rear door.

I'll send some pictures when it arrives next week, the existing van and trailer (silver one) and the previous van and trailer (green one) are at:

The previous van was a 2.8litre but only 108bhp, pulled like a train though.

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Old 09-27-2007, 11:19:48 PM
Taale Taale is offline
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Default Re: Diesels in 45 states ONLY !

Diesel is fast becoming the superior powerplant in every aspect. I get to see it every year with the improvements to the Cat and Cummins engines I work on.
For those of you on the ethanol and bio-fuel soapboxes. do not forget that ethanol and bio-fuels are from sources normally used for food. If you want the fuel companies to buy up (what would eventually be) your food so you can drive around cheaper - your next meal may cost more.
Just a thought.
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