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Trucks, Trailers and Hauling for Shows The ins and outs of setting up a show trailer and getting it to and from the engine show. Please be fully aware of our web site Terms of Use Disclaimer as you read. Safety first!

Trucks, Trailers and Hauling for Shows

Best trailer for hauling engines

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Old 11-02-2012, 12:10:49 AM
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Default Re: Best trailer for hauling engines

I have a14 ft dual axle that I put conveyor belt in the flooring -sides,worked at a concrete plant, they WAS going to THROW it away!,it come home with me,and a bunch more when they shut the plant down,I used it hauling rock and stuff,but right now the Stickney is sitting on it,which I think will change soon.On a note dual axles pull much easier than singles ,found this out with a 20ft Wellcraft,I borrowed Moms Mule trailer,single axle 12 ft,with a wire grate in back,yeah, it is easier to load stuff and lighter but strong,but that wire mesh tailgate is like a wind brake and pulls twice as hard as the dual 14ft, trying to find a Doolittle 12 ft dual axle to put the 7hp Stickney on so I can just hook and go and have a 40x60 barn that I can pull truck and all in, even hooked up,these are top heavy and a guy dont wont to lose just one tire because it is going to do some weird stuff,dual axle and one tire goes it, dont, go all over the place.I also know of a freind that put those fold up ramps with a spring to help you,it made his pull different in the wind and noticed a milage loss of singfance too,best thing when you get a trailer invest in a winch,just watch fingers and thumbs,for what its worth...........
United Gasoline Engine Registry
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Old 11-02-2012, 03:15:34 PM
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Default Re: Best trailer for hauling engines

Whle my current trailer is heavy enough to haul most everything I own, my next trailer wont be a tilt bed like it is. While it is nice for loading with the gradual ramp instead of a steaper beaver tail and/or ramps, being a tilt bed, it has the axles farther ahead so it doesn't have to tilt as steep, and that makes it want to rock back and forth on the axles, taking the truck up and down with it if you can't get the load far enough ahead to get enough tongue weight.

Most of my loads have been OK, but I have had a couple where I was barely able to get the tilt bed to come down, and while they were short (slow) trips to the scrap yard, it made things get a little squirly once in a while.

A friend borrowed it once to haul his pickup truck back home (using his crewcab dually to pull it) and loaded his Dodge Dakota backwards so he could roll it off in front the garage and have it lined up where he wanted it. I had a pair of dually 4x4 axles chained down to the front of the trailer so he wasn't able to get his truck on as far as it should have been, and with it backwards, the engine was at the tail end of the trailer. With me following him, he almost lost the whole thing on a downhill grade when the trailer started fishtailing back and forth accross both lanes and off the shoulder a couple times.

Being a 20 foot, 7 ton tilt bed, it will carry a load, but you still need tongue weight, which is harder to get when the axles are that far forward.

If I could afford it and had the truck set up for it, I'd rather have a goose neck. So much easier to back up with than a bumper hitch...
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Old 11-03-2012, 11:35:34 AM
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Default Re: Best trailer for hauling engines

I've settled on open trailers because I haul big & strangely shaped things at times. My favorite is a 15K# (gross) LoRiser by Advanced Metalworking of Kewanee IL. The deck drops to the ground for a very low entry angle with only a 1/4" lip. It handles like a dream, overloaded or empty. (I opted for blue paint.) I often work alone, & this trailer is an easy load/unload. (I just wish it were a little longer. It's only 14'8" of deck.) I hate using tarps, but if one uses the heavy trucker types & is careful, the machinery can stay pretty clean & dry.

- Use redundant straps for your load. I've had hooks break over the years, so I always ensure that my load is secure, even if one strap fails.
- Always do a walk-around check of everything before starting out on the road. Exceptions will eventually bite you.

Tom Stockton
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Old 11-03-2012, 03:56:45 PM
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Default Re: Best trailer for hauling engines

I had forgotten about the trailers like twslandlord shows there.

I had seen ads for them several years ago, and thought it would be the perfect trailer to get, then lost track of them when I bought my tilt bed.

If I could ever afford to get one like that in a goose neck hitch, I'd be 'happy as a clam'.

Another one I forgot about, had the axles mounted to a seperate frame work so you could lock the brakes on it and slide the trailer back, dropping it down like that, and then pull it forward again when loaded, lock the axles in place and hit the road. My main concern with that set up was the chance of having enough of a load on it that the trailer deck would dig into the ground and get stuck before you were able to pull it back up on the axles to raise it. The one twslandlord shows eliminates that problem.
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Old 11-03-2012, 11:59:30 PM
Tom Nowak Tom Nowak is offline
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Default Re: Best trailer for hauling engines

My trouble is I am trailer poor. After the the trailer I got about a month ago I am up to 7. I live on a farm so have always had a stock trailer for livestock. I used to use it to haul engines around. They were kinda inclosed and after you shut the door they could not get out . I would fasten them down but you could just put the small stuff inside.

Have a 16 foot flat bed to haul my big engines around on . It has a 8000 pound winch on the front. Use it to move hay around with also.

I do constuction work so got a 7 by 16 cargo trailer with a ramp door. After I got it I stopped using the stock trailer to haul engines. Use it about two times a year to haul engines to shows. Mainly use it to keep my construction tools in.

I have one trailer 5 by 10, with a 6 hp Associated with the sub base running a water pump and air compressor.

Another 6 by 10 tilt bed I use to haul my riding mower around on. It gets used to haul two or three engines Have a small winch I put on it when needed.

A 4 by 8 I use to haul one smaller engine around. I use it to move my 4 wheeler around on the most. It has ramp on the back. It was made to haul a golf cart around. It was given to me or I would not have bought it.

The newest one is a toy hauler.( I got it used on craiglist. every trailer I got I bought used.) One of those combination campers with the ramp door on the end. 17 foot long with about 12 foot clear space in the back to haul stuff. Haven't had a chance to use it yet. Had an old overhead pickup camper that was made back in the sixties It finally wore out. So I traded up to the toyhauler. Have a partner now and she kinda wanted something a little nicer with a bathroom and a shower. Gotta keep the ladies happy I think I can haul two or three, 2 to 4 hp engines in the back. Will see how it works out next year.

Like I said trailer poor, the license bureau likes to see me coming. At least I can get plates for three years at a time.
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