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Trucks, Trailers and Hauling for Shows The ins and outs of setting up a show trailer and getting it to and from the engine show. Please be fully aware of our web site Terms of Use Disclaimer as you read. Safety first!

Trucks, Trailers and Hauling for Shows

trailer tires vs. trailer tires

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Old 12-27-2002, 06:25:08 PM
Dave Haning
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Default Re: trailer tires vs. trailer tires

I live in the grain belt (Iowa) and we have a good source for trailer axles. I've built a couple from old retired dry fertilizer carts. The hopper and mechanisms wear out long before the undercarriage and frame. Most of them have a capacity of 6 tons or more. My last one has torsion axles and many have walking tandems. Check your local fertilizer companies. Most of them have a few sitting around.--Dave--
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Old 12-27-2002, 07:01:39 PM
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Default Re: trailer tires vs. trailer tires

I have watched this thread go a long way and kept my mouth shut as long as I could.

Quite a bit of my business over the last 25 years has been trailer design and manufacture. In the early years I used several mobile home axles and never had problems. The problems come because these axles are not idiot proof. I have heard people say that the bearings are low speed. Horse Crap! Some have said the axle tubes are soft. Donkey Dung! The problems come from not checking lugs, underinflated tires, and over loading. The tires do tend to wear out a little quicker. If they aren't safe we need to be writing our government representatives and get those huge mobile homes off the road too.

I never use those axles now because I am building more commercial (and larger) trailers than ever before. The torsions have many advantages. Once you use them it is hard to go back. Besides being easy to attach to the chassis, they give the best ride (empty or loaded) because they are progressive loading. That means the more weight you put on the stiffer they get. It is also easy to get any ride height or width you want. There are also less wearing parts and less sway. They do cost a little more but not that much when you consider the benefits. There is a company in Jackson Center,Ohio that builds torsion axles to your spec. Great people to work with. E- mail me if you want their number. SCOTT
Old 12-27-2002, 09:42:22 PM
D. Smith
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Default Re: trailer tires vs. trailer tires

For springs, has anyone tried the air bags like the big thucks use? I know air compessor and all the plumbing, but man what a smooth ride for your treashers! D. Smith
Old 12-28-2002, 11:48:12 PM
David Greenwalt
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Default Re: trailer tires vs. trailer tires

Marty, thanks for starting this thread. I was telling my neighbor, who was going to help me build my trailer, about my concerns. The boss of his construction company is getting a bigger trailer and will sell me his. It's a year 2000 model International sold by Arrow. 6x12, double axle, brakes on both axles, split drop tailgate, rated for 8000 lbs. He said I can have it for 1200, he will take my 5x8 Arrow with drop tailgate (for his 4-wheeler) plus 600 cash. I'm going to the credit union Monday. Work is slow, but to good a deal to pass up. I'm going to take the trailer plus 600 option. David.
Old 12-29-2002, 04:52:56 PM
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Default Re: trailer tires vs. trailer tires

Here is a picture of my engine trailer. I customized it to load and unload engines. It has a six inch i-beam that extends 4ft past the end of the trailer and two chain hoists on trollys. Have loaded up to 3000 lb engines with it.
Old 12-30-2002, 02:59:45 PM
LeRoy Baumgardner
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Default Re: trailer tires vs. trailer tires

Dear Sir

You didn't mention anything about brakes.I don't know where you live, but I do live in Pa. In Pa. you would be required to have trailer brakes with that much weight. I have a trailer with Dexter house trailer axles, and I use the 14.5 lowboy tires. MOBILE home tires are illegal here. The tires must say lowboy use on the sidewall. You can buy hubs from Dexter to fit your axles that will allow you to use the same rims and tires as your pickup. I noticed in one of the other responses from another reader that he says as long as you're legal in your home state you are legal wherever you travel. To be polite he don't know what he's talking about. You are subject to the laws of the state you're in. I have traveled to many states with my truck and trailer and I can gurantee you they don't care about your home state. A couple of years ago I got stopped by the highway patrol in Montana for a routine traffic stop. They even checked the load rating on the tires to make sure they would handle the gross weight the trailer was licensed for. Lucky for me I was OK. I've been pulled over in South Dakota, and Wisconsin for saftey checks and I've always been OK because Pa. has some pretty tough inspection rules. My trailer must pass state inspection once every year. So don't believe for one minute just because you're legal at home you're automatically legal every where else. With that much weight I agree with the other fellows that wrote removing the springs is not a good idea. Also remember the 12 inch tires are going to heat up a lot quicker than the larger tires. Also why would you even consider hauling that much weight with the small tires, if you have a blow out much more chance the 2nd tire could blow, possibly killing yourself or someone in your faimly let alone a complete stranger. Go with the larger tires, install brakes and you'll do just fine.

Old 01-02-2003, 05:43:58 PM
Joe Morris
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Default Re: trailer tires vs. trailer tires

Mobile home wheels and axles are illegal in Tennessee and probably in several others.
Old 01-02-2003, 07:05:39 PM
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Default Re: trailer tires vs. trailer tires

But if the axles / tires are legal in your residing state, you can legally enter them into the state where they are illegal.
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