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Trucks, Trailers and Hauling for Shows The ins and outs of setting up a show trailer and getting it to and from the engine show. Please be fully aware of our web site Terms of Use Disclaimer as you read. Safety first!

Trucks, Trailers and Hauling for Shows

Need advice on a winch

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Old 07-31-2004, 01:05:14 PM
Chris Kirk
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Default Need advice on a winch

The engine collection has gotten big enough so that I have to buy a winch to load my truck. I've never bought one before and know nothing about them. I've done a little reading so far, and I know I'd like to buy an electric winch. What are the advantages of an AC vs. DC winch? Can I run cables directly from the truck battery to run the DC, and how would I power an AC winch from my truck's circuit panel? Anything specific I should look for in construction, type of drive, etc? I'll only be using the winch to load my truck, and my heaviest engine (yet) will be around 1200lbs with the cart. I want to buy a well-made (perferrabley American made), name winch...have already been through the cheap import tool phase and I'm tired of things breaking. Any advice would be helpful.


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Old 07-31-2004, 02:35:30 PM
allen lapage
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Default Re: Need advice on a winch

Yes you can power it from your truck battery. Just be sure to run ample size wire, I would not use lighter than #6 and be sure to put proper circut brakers in line. I would only have A winch with power in and out. Free spool is also A nice option, as well as A hand held remote. Makes life A lot easier. I also agree about buying one of good quality. Be sure to get one with more power than you need, you never know what the future holds. You might want to put it on something else some day. Inport tools are ok for some things but not when it comes to safty.
Old 07-31-2004, 02:54:09 PM
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Default Re: Need advice on a winch

Old 07-31-2004, 03:04:13 PM
David in KCK
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Default Re: Need advice on a winch

Yes, a good American Winch is a great idea. I've been told that you should figure between 1 1/2 to 2 times the weight you want to pull or more (i.e., if your gonna pull 500 lbs ROLLING weight then get at least a 750-1000 winch. Personally, I feel more power is better). Also...rolling weight and dead weight are NOT the same! Your 1200 lb engine most likely is only about 250 to 350 rolling weight tops, but bigger winches are NEVER bad, only more expensive! I've had really good luck with RAMSAY winches myself. They seem to be very well built and last....but are kinda heavy if you don't mount them permanent to what you use them on. ALSO...on that thought, I keep all my winches "detachable", because I don't like the getting rained/snowed on! My opinions, not to be confused with fact

David Green
Old 07-31-2004, 03:37:27 PM
Ken Majeski
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Default Re: Need advice on a winch

I have a 8,000 pound Ramsey myself. I originally bought it for my gooseneck trailer and it will load a 14,000 pound Steam Engine with a double line and snatch block. It came with a reciever hitch mount. I just welded a piece of square tubing to the front of the engine trailer and it just plugs into that. It's easy to transfer it from one trailer to another and also take it inside when not in use....

My Old Junk Page
Old 07-31-2004, 07:06:33 PM
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Default Re: Need advice on a winch

Chris check the archives too. as there was a good thread on winches not long ago.BobRR
Old 07-31-2004, 11:41:03 PM
Paul Spence's Avatar
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Default Re: Need advice on a winch

Chris: I have a WARN 4800# mounted on my trailer neck and just have a spare battery to operate it for the few times I need it. As far as AC-DC, I only considered DC because where I use it, I only have access to 12V-DC. For a hoist at home, I would use AC. Thinking about buying a WARN for the truck with a universal mounting plate and chain that is real portable for use in tight spots and in the pickup. Bigger is better, to a point.. Power in(loading)/out(unloading) + free wheeling(just dragging the cable out before hook up) is a must. Buy American WARN/Ramsey. Paul
Old 08-01-2004, 12:01:22 AM
Andrew Mackey
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Default Re: Need advice on a winch

I have had a 2 ton 12 VDC winch for over 25 years, with no problems. For power I ran 2 #6 cables 1 red (battery +) and 1 black (battery -), along the frame and terminated in a 4 prong trailer hitch recepticle. I split the cables into 2 ends per wire, and soldered them into the connections in the recepticle, 2 ends for each side. I then installed a matching plug onto the winch cables, again splitting the cables into 2 ends, matching the connections mounted on the truck. This way, I can remove the winch, and not have to disturb the wiring. I also made up a set of cables for jump-starting cars. I put the cables on the dead battery, making sure the red cable is on battery +, and then plug in the recepticle. I start my engine and let it run for about 15 minutes. The plug is then disconnected and then the car is started. If 15 minutes of charge does not start the car, then either the battery is shot, or there is a problem in the starting circut. I do not start cars with the cables hooked up, as the #6 wire will not take a 200 amp load. The recepticle is also clearly marked '12 VDC POWER ONLY !' Andrew
Old 08-01-2004, 08:23:51 AM
allen lapage
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Default Re: Need advice on a winch

If you want to use your vehicle battery to power your winch I have found the plug that will take the amps. At your local boat shop you can get A trolling motor plug, it looks just like your round 5 pin trailer plug with the little spring loaded cover and all except it is A heavy 3 pin. Mount the male end on your vehicle and the female to your winch and then just plug it in like your trailer. Mine has worked just fine for two years now. Hope this helps.
Old 08-01-2004, 09:20:56 AM
Steve Wright
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Default Re: Need advice on a winch

I seen a good idea on the winch mounting. This fellow always used his pickup to load motors for the show. He mounted the winch in the right front corner of his pickup box setting sidways. Then he had a angleiron bolted to the floor across the front of the box with several places to hook a pulley. This way he could winch his engine/cart clear to the front of the box and the winch stayed out of the road over in the corner of the box. He had a cover for the winch and it stayed in there and was hooked up for use at all times. Steve in Nebraska
Old 08-01-2004, 04:42:57 PM
Jeff Smith
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Default Re: Need advice on a winch

I have thought about mounting mine in the right rear of the bed of my truck near the tailgate with a pulley in the front like discussed in the thread prior. Then I would be able to stay at the back near the ramps and load and have the wench beside me.

My dad bought a super wench (I think from Montgomery Wards) in 1975 and it is still going strong. It looks like a 1975 wench but it is hard to consider replacing when it works so well. It just sits outside on the trailer with a plastic bag or what ever we have at the time to cover it. We are waiting for it to go just to get something new and it just keeps going and going and going.........maybe someday.
Old 10-16-2004, 08:16:03 PM
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Default Re: Need advice on a winch

I put my winch on a mounting plate that slides into a class 3 hitch reciver... I put class 3 recivers on the front of my truck and jeep... I use 600 amp electric forklift plugs to plug in the winch... So now I can put the winch any place I want... Even on my tractor...

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