Antique Engines and Old Iron
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Blacksmithing and Metallurgy Hand-wrought manufacture of metal objects, extracting metals from their ores, or purifying metals and casting useful items from the metals.

Blacksmithing and Metallurgy

Coal Coke and Casting Iron

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Old 09-09-2010, 10:49:14 AM
clintonmetalcraftsman clintonmetalcraftsman is offline
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Default Re: Coal Coke and Casting Iron

This is probably the most complete list of coal suppliers that you will find
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Old 09-12-2010, 08:26:54 PM
Max Cox Max Cox is offline
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Default Re: Coal Coke and Casting Iron

Google Books is your friend. Look for full text books. You can download the whole books and save as PDF files and print them out.

You are probably looking at using a cupola furnace. A ton of cast iron is a big casting for a back yard project. A 18"x 7' furnace will melt about a ton a day at about 50#/ladle and 6 guys will be running all day to keep up.

Lindsey Books has some good books on the subject.

Good luck. Be Very Safety Conscious! You or your crew can get seriously hurt or killed.

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Old 09-15-2010, 10:49:57 PM
Shock Shock is offline
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Default Re: Coal Coke and Casting Iron

You should talk to Joshua Imbleau at

H. Imbleau & Son Ltd.
11 Bridge St
Renfrew, ON
K7V 3R1
Telephone: (613) 432-2622

They're an old iron foundry and will do small jobs very reasonably. I had them make parts for an antique stove. Much smaller thing than you're talking about. Casting 2200 pounds of iron at a time is better left to the pros, especially when the price is right.


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Old 10-05-2010, 01:13:29 PM
steelwheelrat steelwheelrat is offline
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Default Re: Coal Coke and Casting Iron

not trying to stifle your efforts but as an engineer in a very large part steel foundry and having a lot of iron experience as well, i would greatly reccomend against playing with iron or steel at home. there are several foundries close that will work for the public at a very reasonable rate. for starters you are not going to have a good product in the end no matter what research you have done, or what the internet says about backyard foundries the bare minimum no frills equiptment you will need will cost you more time and money than sending the job to a foundry(a good heat suit will cost $1200). I am a degreed engineer who specializes in metal casting trust me, there are dozens of different ways to screw up iron and hundreds of ways to destroy steel. i can start listing them but we will start with safety: we all have been burned by spatter while welding but please believe me there is nothing more painful than 3rd degree burns. molten metal is nothing to play with. pm me and i will get you some contact info for some semi local foundries that can help you and not break the bank and will give you a quality part.
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Old 10-12-2010, 07:25:02 PM
Pete Spaco Pete Spaco is offline
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Default Re: Coal Coke and Casting Iron

Locating a source of coke is the least of your worries!

Find a foundry. There are lots of them around.
You need about 2600° F to melt cast iron and about a thousand degrees F more to melt steel.

I really like Raymond P. Olson at "the Hobby Shop" in Brandon, MN..
I think this is him:
Raymond P Shop Olson (320) 524-2118 14260 Pheasant Dr NW, Brandon, MN 56315-8306

Petroleum coke is high in sulphur and so is definetly NOT what you want.

It won't be productive to try to do the work yourself. There are lots of expenses involved, to say nothing of the serious safety issues.

If you want to get some experience first, contact a local land grant university to see if they run a short course in casting.
I know the University of Minnesota does so.

Pete Stanaitis
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Old 12-19-2010, 12:16:44 PM
Wm. Galloway Wm. Galloway is offline
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Default Re: Coal Coke and Casting Iron

Originally Posted by livesteammack View Post
I am debating on building is designed to melt 2200 lbs of iron.
How would a person go about getting that fire hotter.
As a foundryman myself, I will echo the sentiments of several others who have relayed their industry experience. I would suggest you contact a foundry and they can meet your needs. Melting 2200 lbs in a cuppola is a huge undertaking. You have to have a way to move the metal from the furnace to the mold. With 2,200 lbs that's a huge ladle which requires a huge fork truck or overhead crane. Then you have to build the cuploa high enough to get that huge ladle under the tap hole. Then you need to figure a way to get that 2,200 lbs (2,500 for loss) + coke + lime up to the top of cupola.

Here's a ladle of aprox 500 lbs.

How would a person go about getting that fire hotter?
That's the premise of a cupola. The coke isn't what makes the furnace super hot. The cupola uses tuyeres to blast air around up and through the iron & coke to make a super hot fire.

So, I recomend you research the process and then take the project to a small foundry to get your castings done.
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